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We know the prospect of undertaking a major home remodeling project can be intimidating. You may fear that it will be a stressful experience. We want to reassure you that we aim to make this as pleasant and stress-free as possible.

We are committed to providing a great experience to you throughout the entire whole home remodeling process – from creative design to detailed planning to execution and construction.

At ABF Remodeling, we adhere to three criteria for home remodeling project to ensure we deliver our work on time, within budget, and with the highest quality of workmanship.

Cost Compliance

A common remodeling nightmare is that the project of a custom remodel to your home is that the project has little resemblance to the project cost originally discussed. This nightmare is called “project creep.” Mishandling your budget can cause project creep, and thus lessen the overall satisfaction with our work. We provide a comprehensive project description and budget to avoid the sour taste of “project creep.”

Time Compliance

The second largest remodeling nightmare next to going over budget is a project that is projected to be completed in 4 – 6 weeks, becomes a 90 -120 day project. As a paying customer, you deserve a clear projection of how long the project construction should take, from start to finish. We strive to keep your satisfaction at the highest level with an absolute minimum inconvenience to you and your family.

Quality Assurance

Quality workmanship and superior materials are installed in every project we develop. This combination; superior materials, skilled workmanship, and the industry’s best warranties assure that your remodel is a smart investment that will bring joy to you and your family for years to come.

Your Trusted Source for Expert Home Remodeling

Improving your home has never been easier thanks to ABF Remodeling, your trusted advisor for expert design and building skills for bathroom and kitchen remodels. Here at ABF Remodeling, we are proud of our reputation as a premier Houston home remodeling firm. Give us a call today at 281-855-3400, or fill out the information below and one of our design consultants will contact you as soon as possible.

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