Home Improvement: How to Prevent Termite Damage on a Wood Deck

Your backyard deck are susceptible to all of the weather elements such as dry rot, UV damage and of course TERMITES.

termite prevention, wood deck maintenance, backyard deck maintenance,outdoor kitchen contractors, Outdoor Living, outdoor living area contractor Here are a few tips on how to prevent termite damage on a wood deck:

Keeping your wood deck painted, stained and sealed are a great way to prevent termite damage. Protecting your finish and not neglecting applying a sealer to your wood deck will lengthen the life of your decking material.

Make sure that spot chips are addressed and touched up as quickly as possible. Pooling water underneath planters, rungs or seating can product stagnate water which promotes mold and fungi infestations. These are a great food source for termites. termite prevention, wood deck maintenance, backyard deck maintenance,outdoor kitchen contractors, Outdoor Living, outdoor living area contractor Termites love wet wood. Using pesticides regularly will help keep termites and other damaging pests away from your wood deck.

You should budget to fully paint your deck every 2 years.While painting, watch for areas that are dry rotted or become worn. Failing to upkeep your deck, can create expensive repairs or replacement costs. Your home is one of your biggest assets, protect your investment with proper upkeep.

Dangers of Ignoring Termites

Did you know that a single colony of termites can eat up to six pounds of wood in a year. That single colony could end up costing you thousands of dollars if left untreated.

You should constantly inspect your home and your backyard deck for areas that allow termite to infiltrate the wood of your deck or home. The earlier that you an detect the issue, the quicker the termites can be treated. Be ready to make repairs as soon as possible to keep infected areas from spreading or termite returning after treatment.

Living in the Texas Gulf Coast means that your backyard deck has constant exposure to heat and humidity. Homeowners should be vigilant to watch for UV and sun damage, signs of dry rot, and damage caused by termites. Repairing problem areas can vary in size and skill level to repair correctly. Our outdoor living area contractor team can provide quick and easy estimates for repairs.


Outdoor Living Areas: Deck & Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

Summertime is just around the corner. Nothing is more enjoyable than spending time with those that matters most in your very own outdoor oasis. ABF Remodeling has built hundreds of outdoor living spaces all across Southeast Texas. Our design experts have worked with clients to add decking, outdoor kitchen, fire pits, and outdoor living areas that are truly the gem of the backyard.

Creating an outdoor retreat is a wonderful way to spend time on holidays, family parties and anniversaries, and just a lazy evening dinner. In addition to creating this beautiful backyard getaway, the value added to your home is invaluable.

Southeast Texas is a great place to enjoy outdoor living for most of the year. Our mild winters provide excellent outdoor opportunities for a majority of the year. Below are some examples of our projects that we have completed for happy clients. Contact us today and let our design consultants work with you on creating a backyard oasis that you can enjoy for years to come.



Because we live in sunny southern California, it is always a perfect time to plan your backyard getaway. Here is a little inspiration to give you some ideas on what you can do to get your perfect deck design.