3 Innovative Ways to Use Tile in Your Home

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Tile comes in many different materials, sizes, colors, and styles. All of this means that you can use it to create stunning, one of a kind looks in any room of the home, not just those areas where it’s typically used. If you’re looking for ways to dress up your interiors, consider these three ways to use tile to get the job done.

Tile Wallpaper

It’s becoming increasingly common to create an accent wall of some kind in the home, particularly in entryways, living rooms, and kitchens, as a way to draw the eye and focus the room’s design. And while there are many different ways that you can create an accent wall including paint, wallpaper, and wall art, tile makes a particularly eye-catching display.

For entryways or stand-alone accent walls such as the area above a fireplace, or another uncovered wall, consider installing tile mosaic “wallpaper”. Glass or polished stone tile mosaics arranged in a repeating pattern make dynamic designs that sparkle when the light hits them. Because each tile will catch the light individually, the entire effect changes depending on where you stand, the time of day, and the light in the room.

Create classic patterns like stripes or boxes using two or three different colors of tile cut in strips, or commission a mosaic mural to really amp up the style of the space.

Floor Patterns and “Rugs”

There are fewer materials out there that are easier to care for than porcelain tile. It doesn’t require sealing or special cleaners, and is unlikely to chip, crack, or scratch even with heavy use. This makes porcelain the ideal floor material for busy households or households with pets and children.

Porcelain also comes in a wide range of sizes, and styles, which also makes it ideal for creating some unique floor patterns as well. Consider creating a decorative tile “rug” in your entryway, bathroom, kitchen, or dining room to add some interest and dimension to your home.

Set a row or two of porcelain tile around the perimeter of the room, then switch to a more decorative mosaic tile or waterjet tile pattern to create the border of the rug. Now switch back to the original tile, and lay it in a different pattern, like a diagonal, herringbone, or running bond. The effect shows off the dimensions of the space beautifully, and adds just the right amount of detail to the room.

Fireplace Surrounds

Fireplaces automatically become focal points in any room they are installed in. And all this attention demands that the surround and hearth live up to the rest of the room’s style, often setting the tone for the rest of the space.

The versatility of tile makes it the ideal material to create a stylish and eye-catching surround. Look for unusual materials such as onyx, which has a translucent finish that will glow when it catches the light from the flames. Or, consider using a repeating geometric pattern to create a contemporary display.

Handmade tiles or etched limestone tiles also make beautiful additions to a fireplace surround. Because each one is slightly different from the next, it adds a lot of subtle movement to the area, which enhances the focal point in the room.

Update Your Home with Tile

Tile may be integral to the bathroom, but it’s also a fantastic way to add color, detail, and interest to every room of your home. If you need a way to update your home, consider installing a new tile backsplash, floor, accent wall, or surround to capture these looks for yourself.