Remodeling 101

Are you thinking of remodeling or upgrading your home? Before embarking on any remodeling project there are a few things to consider and know before hand.

  1. How to find a quality and professional company to do the job: It is a good idea to ask family and friends that have done any home improvement for a referral. You can also search online for companies that do the kind of work you are looking todo. once you find a company do some due diligence by researching about them . Check the BBB , Angie’s list and other review organizations to determine if they are dependable and capable of doing the work. Check to see how long they’ve been in business. The longer the company have been in business the easier it is to count on them doing business the honorable way. You can be assured that they intend to do as advertised or claim since long time success is their goal.
  2. What to pay for the project: Do not choose a company based on price. Remodeling is a easy way to get scammed. Many unscrupulous companies will come in with a low bid to get the job. Once they win your job and start the project, they will charge ridiculously high for “unforeseen” or changes to make up the initial low bid.
  3. Are you prepared for the temporary disruption and stress: Remodeling or upgrading your home is stressful. Remember that things are not going to be the same during the process. You will have strangers in your home on a daily basis working on completing your project. You will need a lot of patience and planning to minimize the disruption to your daily life. Working with your contractor to minimize the disruption is always a good idea. Plan ahead! It is important that you use a company that will listen and care about your well being. ABF Remodeling is a company that does this very well. When you are ready for your remodeling project give us a call and we will show you why we’ve been in business for over 20 years. We truly want to help!